Tips For Having a Succesful Guitar Gig

nervous guitar

Many people get nervous the first time they play guitar in front of an audience. This affects their performance even if they had better earlier preparations. Discussed below are tips to enable you have confidence and stop pausing or shivering on stage.


Enough practice in front of band mates, family or friends will boost your confidence. Frequent practice will also enable your hands to know where to go even if your brain doesn’t. This enhances your confidence and makes you feel less scared. However it doesn’t rule out momentary slip which, can be recovered quickly even without audience noticing.

Warm up before performance

Just as an athlete does before a race, warm up before stepping on stage. This will keep your mind relaxed and slow down the adrenalin flow. The exercise should be light. Please note that there is a big difference between warming up and burning out. To know more, click here to read.

Body preparation

Make earlier preparation by tuning up your body for the gig by;

· Having enough comfortable sleep the night before performance

· Take light meal approximately one to two hours prior to the stage performance. These will not only supply the energy needed for the entire period but, also ensure that the you aren’t full when performing

· Visit and access the performance location in advance and consider how many people will be watching and whether you will be in prominent view. This greatly prepares you psychologically.

· Ensure that you arrive at the performance venue earlier on the material day. Last minute rush can spoil a well practiced and rehearsed preparation.

Have a right mental attitude

This entails having a correct mind set for the gig. An individual’s mental state has a direct correlation to maximum level of achievement. Be psychologically prepared that you need to get tough as the performance test progress. Don’t give up easily even if you feel you’re not up to the task.

Other equally vital tips include;

· Don’t look at the audience directly in to their eyes as this can cause distraction. Look over their heads to the back .To them, this will appear as if you are looking at them

· If your guitar is letting you down, soldier on and assume as if there isn’t any disappointment

· Use different relaxation techniques as your session progress

Tips On How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

Singing and playing the guitar at the same time can be a tricky affair. This is because you may easily find yourself concentrating on one thing while forgetting the other. A lot of practice is required in order to master doing both simultaneously. As such, this article offers a few tips on how to sing and play guitar at the same time. Read on to discover how to achieve this.

First, you are advised to begin with simple rhythms and rhymes as you start practicing singing and playing the guitar at the same time. You should remember that you cannot practice singing and playing the guitar by starting with complex songs. You need to start with something as simple as “Happy Birthday”. As you slowly hone your skills, gradually move from the simple to more complex rhythms.

Secondly, you cannot practice singing and playing the guitar when you are poor at both. You need to master singing the song before you think of knowing the song and playing the guitar at the same time. After you have perfected singing the song, you should then master playing the guitar independently. After you have perfected each independently, you now can practice doing both at the same time. This way, you will easily find yourself registering ground breaking breakthroughs a little at a time.

Humming instead of singing is a sure way to sharpen up singing and playing the guitar simultaneously. As you hum the song and pluck the guitar, the words will come in naturally and you will find yourself improving in an amazing way. For more details on humming, please see

Avoid sing so fast. You should also need to make sure that your strumming is accurate. It is far much better to slow down and do the correct thing than to rush and do the wrong thing. Once you have perfected the slow singing and strumming, you can increase your speed gradually until you get everything right.

Adding Salt to the Injury: What makes a thief?

I had the stupidest thing happen to me last Monday at my shop; in my 20 years of experience I have never seen anything like it. This kid came in, plugged in a guitar and started to play, he played some odds and ends for maybe 3 minutes and then suddenly without warning, pulled the plug out and bolted for the door guitar in hand. I was momentarily stunned and reacted in slow motion. I just couldn’t process what I was seeing. I finally snapped out my momentary stupor though and followed him outside, but he was already long gone bolting down the alley.


He made off with one of our most expensive guitars in the shop it was an Epiphone Hollow Body guitar. Those are rare models that have that extra resonance like an acoustic but through an electric. I was so shocked someone would be that brazen or that desperate to make way with an item like that. The kid had no hesitation he just bolted with it like my store was his own personal grab bag.

Well anyway here is a quick update on the story. Got a call from the police station today and they told me to come on in to talk about it. Then I was surprised to hear that they believed that they had the guy. I was pretty excited at first that justice might be done. But when I saw this kid that did it, I honestly felt sorry for him. He was maybe 16 years old sitting in a jail cell with adults and he seemed scared.

I asked the officers if I could speak to him directly. They mumbled and grumbled amongst themselves for a bit but then after a few minutes they came back to me and told me it would be ok to talk to him but I would have to make it brief of an a exchange because they were on a tight schedule.

So I went up to this troubled kid, he was sitting in the corner all by himself and looking at the ground, I said hi to him but he did not respond. Then I asked him, “You know who I am don’t you?” To which he replied, “Should I” With his smart response I started to feel a little less sorry for him and remembered his stealing was the reason that I was there to see him.

His response was a bit enigmatic. Should he feel sorry for me or should he feel sorry for himself and the predicament that he was in. So I put the challenge forth to him, leaned over with as serious a look as I could ever muster and said, “Yes you should, I know you remember me, I’m the dopey guitar store owner you tried to swindle out of a 9000 dollar guitar.” To this he interjected, “That wasn’t worth no 9000 dollars man! What are you smoking!” “The pawn shop would only give me 4000 for that piece of junk!”

What an unrepentant little punk I thought. He didn’t feel bad in the least bit for what he did to me and my store. At that point I did not feel sorry for him in the slightest. Before I went in there I thought that maybe he was from a broken family and didn’t have any money and was just too tempted that day to make a quick buck.

The thing is, I found out later in the day from the Police Detective who was working on the case, that this kid was not from a broke down family by any means. Of all things his father was a prominent attorney in the twin cities area. His mother and father were happily married with a lot of money, so it was not like he was latchkey kid with just a single mom working a 9 to 5.

The other funny thing was that his dad was a very successful criminal defense attorney, maybe this had worked up some kind of invulnerability complex in the kid. Perhaps he thought he could do just about anything and his attorney father would come to his defense and bail him out just like he did for his clients.
I didn’t even want to know anymore at that point, when I got my $9000 telecaster back it had some nicks and scratches, someone had to make some atonement for that somewhere.

Being Your Own Boss.

I recently was on YouTube and saw a video for hand crafted guitars, it was this guys home shop where he went to laborious effort to hand craft these acoustic guitars. He mainly focused in standard dreadnaught acoustic guitars. He showed how he would heat up the would and then mold it into that classic dreadnaught shape and then he would let it cool and he would work on the neck putting it in place by means of one bolt and then the finger board and then machine heads, etcetera.

What I really liked about this video was that the guy was really beaming throughout the entire thing, he was absolutely ecstatic. It seemed to be a true labor of love for him and that I have found is the best love by far. Instead of struggling working some job you hate just to eke out an existence is heartbreaking and far removed from the true joy of being able to work and get paid for something you like to do and that you are actually good at. What a novel idea huh? Get paid for what you are actually good at. I think too many of us in modern society wind up trapped in things that are not only jobs we do not enjoy or like but jobs that are not even where our true talent lies.

That is why I started my own guitar shop business. I am living the dream now doing what I enjoy. No boss barking in my ear, I set my own hours and I get to take vacations whenever I want, this is a much more free way to love and I love what I do. So like the guy in the you tube video I am ecstatic to be here too.

Check Your Manners at the Door Please!

What makes a good guitar shop? Is it all that great gear and equipment? All those guitars lined up shining on the rack and the amps that could cause a sonic boom if turned up all the way? Or is it the multi effects pedals that could emulate any sound on God’s good earth? Well, all of these things are great but in my years of experience I think it comes down to a pretty simple formula. You take decent equipment, decent prices, plus a good attitude and you have good business.


The number one thing of those three I would like to emphasize is that of having a good attitude. Because how many of us have went into a guitar store only to encounter that arrogant, sometimes bitter and sometimes condescending store worker or owner who made you feel like you were not worthy to even walk into the store. The attitude is what makes the final sale.

You need to be open, friendly and patient. If the customer wants to try out three different bass guitars and then buys a keyboard that is his business. We need to take it easy on our customers and not be so judgmental. I remember when I was younger having horrible experiences with flat out mean guitar shop owners and personnel.

I remember one time in particular that me and my friend Bernard were checking out a local store, I was wanting to but a new bass, and we were browsing around. I picked up one bass guitar to check out and the store owner comes flying over and almost incoherently mumbles, “If you want to see one, ask first”. Pretty silly idea, to have to ask permission every time, but I barely even heard the guy and my mind was distracted by my ideas of what I might buy that day.

Sure enough, without thinking too much about it I reached up and grabbed another bass to try out and this guy had an absolute fit. He just about shrieked, “What did I tell you! What did I tell you! I said to ask me first!” I was pretty startled; I forgot he had said anything at all about it. My friend Bernard started cracking up laughing and that just made the guy even madder.

I was pretty irked this guy thought he could treat potential customers like this so I quickly put the bass back and told him, “Look you are going to go out of business if you keep acting this negative, I’m never coming here again now.” At which he replied, “Good! That’s what I want!” Bernard then made me laugh again because as we went out the door he yelled back in there, “You’re going to hear from our attorney!” Ha, we didn’t have an attorney, but it was funny to keep that mean old dude wondering.

What a real jerk this guy was though. I think he is shut down now. If you want to keep customers show them decency and respect. It doesn’t mean you let people run wild in your store but at least give them a chance to breathe. That is a number rule in my guitar shop.

The Art behind Creative Photography

There is always something incredibly motivating and mind-boggling, about creative photography. It is that special thing that always catches one’s attention. A number of naïve and learning photographers dream of becoming veterans in this specific niche, though some people have a notion that being creative and authentic, is simply a gift for the few blessed individuals. However, when it comes to photography the bottom line is, creativity is just an aspect of life, and in this connection everybody has the inner ability to be good at creative photography.

On the other hand, creative photography is a very broad term, making it difficult to pin down. For example, many will say that any photography is some sort of creativity. But truth be told, we all know that all the random photos we all take frequently, does not even come closer to creative pictures/photos.

Just like the old adage, creativity is imagination to some extent, and we must admit imagination is free for everyone. The truth is, the value of imagination is infinitive. How to learn photography and taking creative pictures boils down to an individual as a photographer, and invigorating images are brought about by innovative and unique thinking and living.

Creative photography is an undoubtedly interesting type of photography. Contrary to what many people think, it is not about taking photos, and allowing people to see them. There is more to what meets eye; it is about coming up with new pattern, color, beauty, life, adventure, and many more.

The phrase “creative” in photography refers to “altered reality”. This means a creative photo should have the following: a different impressive shape, form, special themes, and colors. These photos are a combination or incorporation of multiple images. A good example of such type is, a high dynamic range pictures, commonly referred to as, HDR. The latter cannot be termed as an altered reality, because it does not need any further changes. The distinct combination of objects, form, and line makes the photos more creative, apart from the fact that the images are developed based on the photographer’s imaginative feelings and ideas. This type of photography is termed as a continuation of contemporary photographs, turning them into creative arts. Creative photography encourages one to experiment with fresh ideas, and triggers creative thoughts, going beyond normal photos. In many cases, the end result of creative photography is the own work of the individual photographer, which consists of the original images. We must agree that every photo tells a certain different story.

Having said the above, it is also important to mention that good equipment is required to develop creative photography. Though many people say that the quality of camera does not matter, it is equally important to have a good camera. This will allow capturing of unique photography moments, which will only enhance the creativity in photography. However, let’s now look beyond the equipment, the tools and equipment of the trade for now. Nowadays, we have a lot of photography equipment and laboratories at our disposal, but does it have any deep importance? Yes, it is the science behind all the great color and theme combination in creative photographs.

But funny thing, when the subject of photography is the same, a few photographers normally come up with inspiring images. While others, even if they are “average” photographers, they just come with simple photos, though technically competent, but still lacks that secret magic. The secret magic is the photographer’s edge. Every professional photographer requires a unique edge. This can be, being able to face situations and subjects with creativity. In as much as, understanding the photography equipment and skills is critical; the creativity edge will separate you from the crowd.

Another thing is, it is always important to stay abreast with the changing times, though you must know that creativity counts. Nonetheless, photography is just another great art, on a new whole level and for this reason; you need to nurture and protect your talent no matter what it takes. Creative photography is all about creating an image with an unusual manner. And one needs to bear this ability to come up with something good, unless you confused your career for photography. To sum this up, you need to be disciplined and committed with a desirable passion, to be successful with creative photography.

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