About Us

I started this local guitar shop in St. Paul Minnesota four years ago. I’ve always been a big tech nerd; especially when it comes to guitars. I have some of the best guitars in the area. We have a great fender selection, with Telecaster’s and Strats. We also have Ibanez and Schecter guitars. We also have awesome hollow body guitars. I’m not a big site like Sam Ash, but this little blog has been put up to promote some of our products and share our story. Please pay us a visit on here and then come on down in person. We are always buying more stuff too, so if you have a guitar or other equipment you would like to sell to us, just let us know. You can click on the seller’s link to post your merchandise. After that we will take a look and make a decision. We will be in touch.


Your one-stop store for all Guitar parts and accessories.