Being Your Own Boss.

I recently was on YouTube and saw a video for hand crafted guitars, it was this guys home shop where he went to laborious effort to hand craft these acoustic guitars. He mainly focused in standard dreadnaught acoustic guitars. He showed how he would heat up the would and then mold it into that classic dreadnaught shape and then he would let it cool and he would work on the neck putting it in place by means of one bolt and then the finger board and then machine heads, etcetera.

What I really liked about this video was that the guy was really beaming throughout the entire thing, he was absolutely ecstatic. It seemed to be a true labor of love for him and that I have found is the best love by far. Instead of struggling working some job you hate just to eke out an existence is heartbreaking and far removed from the true joy of being able to work and get paid for something you like to do and that you are actually good at. What a novel idea huh? Get paid for what you are actually good at. I think too many of us in modern society wind up trapped in things that are not only jobs we do not enjoy or like but jobs that are not even where our true talent lies.

That is why I started my own guitar shop business. I am living the dream now doing what I enjoy. No boss barking in my ear, I set my own hours and I get to take vacations whenever I want, this is a much more free way to love and I love what I do. So like the guy in the you tube video I am ecstatic to be here too.