Tips For Having a Succesful Guitar Gig

nervous guitar

Many people get nervous the first time they play guitar in front of an audience. This affects their performance even if they had better earlier preparations. Discussed below are tips to enable you have confidence and stop pausing or shivering on stage.


Enough practice in front of band mates, family or friends will boost your confidence. Frequent practice will also enable your hands to know where to go even if your brain doesn’t. This enhances your confidence and makes you feel less scared. However it doesn’t rule out momentary slip which, can be recovered quickly even without audience noticing.

Warm up before performance

Just as an athlete does before a race, warm up before stepping on stage. This will keep your mind relaxed and slow down the adrenalin flow. The exercise should be light. Please note that there is a big difference between warming up and burning out. To know more, click here to read.

Body preparation

Make earlier preparation by tuning up your body for the gig by;

· Having enough comfortable sleep the night before performance

· Take light meal approximately one to two hours prior to the stage performance. These will not only supply the energy needed for the entire period but, also ensure that the you aren’t full when performing

· Visit and access the performance location in advance and consider how many people will be watching and whether you will be in prominent view. This greatly prepares you psychologically.

· Ensure that you arrive at the performance venue earlier on the material day. Last minute rush can spoil a well practiced and rehearsed preparation.

Have a right mental attitude

This entails having a correct mind set for the gig. An individual’s mental state has a direct correlation to maximum level of achievement. Be psychologically prepared that you need to get tough as the performance test progress. Don’t give up easily even if you feel you’re not up to the task.

Other equally vital tips include;

· Don’t look at the audience directly in to their eyes as this can cause distraction. Look over their heads to the back .To them, this will appear as if you are looking at them

· If your guitar is letting you down, soldier on and assume as if there isn’t any disappointment

· Use different relaxation techniques as your session progress